Emma Hellowell is an Australian photo media artist living in Burgundy France. She has a sensitive vision of the world and enjoys documenting experiences that reveal her inner feelings about the landscapes in which she lives, the places she has travelled, the seasons and daily rituals that allude to the security of hearth and home.

Her photographs reveal an inner luminosity, a quiet simplicity and bring back memories of places we might have visited or might now want to be. 

Emma’s work is usually rendered in the medium of photography but her projects will often cross over into other disciplines such as cyanotype printing, watercolour or ink.

She is inspired by her background in fine art photography and received her BA in photo media from the college of fine arts UNSW and MA in media practice from the University of Sydney. She is also a qualified AMI assistant teacher in a Montessori school.

Emma runs her creative practice from her studio in the Cote D’Or Burgundy where she lives with her partner and young daughter in a farmhouse that they recently restored.




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